Through diverse programs, the Selfless Foundation  provides innovative services and  solutions to address social problems related to poverty, education, healthcare and trauma.



SELFLESS SOULS is a network of volunteers that provide caregiver relief for caregivers of disabled veterans. We also match volunteers with disabled veterans for errand running services.  Our case managers and network of volunteers are dedicated to serving those who selflessly served our country by way of the armed forces.


SELF-FICIENCY  is an entrepreneurship and job readiness program for low income individuals in need of increasing income, gaining economic dependence and becoming financially stable. This program is  dedicated to eliminating generational patterns of poverty through providing individuals with more access to financial literacy resources, job training and education. We  believe that individuals can become more financially stable, become more self-sufficient and create employment opportunities for others in their own community by establishing independent avenues of income through entrepreneurship.


SKILLS ON WHEELS is a mobile tutoring bus that provides pop-up tutoring sites for low-income youth in high poverty areas. Skills on Wheels strives to eliminate the financial and transportation barriers that prevents low-income  youth from engaging in traditional tutoring and/or academic enhancement services in after school setting. By providing a mobile tutoring resource to this population, Skills on Wheels  assist in increasing academic success. 



SELFLESS: DO UNTO OTHERS LIVE GAME SHOWS are major fundraising events that allow three local contestants to win money for their favorite charitable organization in the community.  We not only raise money for our own non-profit programs, but we rasie money for others as well.  This allows the community members to give back to a variety of different missions and purposes   ALL IN ONE NIGHT! This game supports local non-profits by way of fundraising, engages the community is supporting local non-profits and provides an amazing night of family fun entertainment for the triad.